2016. december 31., szombat

2016 - Year closing

The 2016 has gone. Lots of things happened. I can state straightly that we have achieved more than we expected.

2016. október 16., vasárnap

New direction - The Foiling Moth - Part 1.

We are in several foiling projects and more is coming. We do so much analysis on the sails for different foiling boats and we spent so much time to work in this area so decided to jump into some moth sails as well.

2016. október 1., szombat

Do you need protection?

I get many emails and calls to make a really good cover for the given boat which is thick, but not too heavy and protects against water, UV.
A good production does not need to be thick and heavy.

2016. június 26., vasárnap

Chupacabra XL

For the 2008 Olympic Games some Tornado class teams developed a gennaker which could be used sailing upwind in very light breeze. This sail and the mystery around it made a huge storm within the class, and a South-American sailor started to call the sail Chupacabra.
This sail is a slightly bigger version for a different boat, but using the famous Chupacabra development.

2016. június 25., szombat

Tornado Worlds 2016 - mission done

10-16. June, the Tornado Worlds were held in Lindau, Germany. We know quite well the place as we were racing a lot there with Libera in the good old times during the Libera Cup and Rund ums.

Mainly it is a light wind place with flat water, but we know very well that some strange things can happen there.

We have started to work on the new sails just after the 2015 Worlds. We knew that we need something new for really light wind.
And the journey began...

2016. június 19., vasárnap

Providing the World with Better Sails

When I was a kid, a young windsurfer, I always wondered why the sailmaker and boardshapers comes out with new sets every year. Some years later I have started to pimp my sails with new battens, changing the luff curves or making different head shapes.

2016. május 9., hétfő

8mod - the big main and jib

We got a special order to make an 8mod sport boat upgrade. The boat is not a normal 8 meter one design, it has a slightly longer carbon mast and a retractable bowsprit.

The task was to make as optimal mainsail and jib as possible for lighter wind sailing.

2016. április 6., szerda

1D Gettin' to know - Louis and Charles

Louis Flament and Charles Dorange won the ISAF Youth Worlds this winter, in SL16 class.
Now, they sail Bimare F16 with 1D Sails and they join to make the 420 sails further developments.

2016. március 29., kedd

Europa 30 Bestia - the mid-genoa

"Bestia" (HUN 12) is another Europa 30 we are working on. This boat has already a set from us, which was made last year. The inventory contains the genoa, the mainsail, and a small jib. It turned out that the gap is too big between the jib and the genoa. The task was to make a mid-genoa which perform best from 4-6 beaufort.

3D view of "Bestia" sails

2016. március 13., vasárnap

Europa 30 Johanna - the mainsail

The Europa 30 class is a really Hungarian class, it contains really different boats so the class rules use the KLR formula to make the class more unified. Our sails are quite successful in this class. The first set was made in 2012 for the boat called "Fétis" ( HUN 16) and the second generation came in 2014-15.

Johanna with the old sails

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